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CKC registered collies

The collie is a family dog, originally bred to herd sheep and be a farm guardian. Today's collie is still that and more. They are a loving companion for both adults and children. A gentle breed, yet playful and affectionate. A watch dog who's bark alerts you to anything that is out of the ordinary within his realm. A collie is home on the farm or in the city, since they are happiest being with you & their family. I invite you to meet our family of collies.

Cargisle Collies is a family adventure guided by myself, Carol Heimbecker, and the  help and support my daughter Jessica . We are located in the small New Brunswick farming area of Aroostook Junction. Our collies are raised in a home and hobby farm environment. We have been blessed to obtain some of the best lines in the collie breed and strive to keep that quality high whether in the conformation ring, for performance, or a loving and loyal companion.